It's all here. From potato peelers to sleepER sofas. Ready to make your house a home.

Welcome to Kitchen Kaboodle, a culinary and home oasis rooted in the heart of Portland, Oregon since our inception in 1975.

Our goal since opening our doors almost 50 years ago has been to curate an unmatched selection of kitchen and home essentials that transcended the ordinary. Over the years, we've built a legacy of quality and innovation that has become synonymous with the Kitchen Kaboodle name. Our roots run deep in Portland, and our store is a living testament to the rich history and dynamic culture that defines this incredible city.

While our origins lie in the kitchen, we've grown to embrace the entire home. Our commitment to quality living extends beyond the culinary realm, and our furniture collection stands as a testament to our dedication to enhancing every corner of your living space. Step inside our stores and you'll not only find an unparalleled array of kitchen essentials but also a thoughtfully curated furniture collection designed to elevate every room in your home. We believe that every space should reflect your unique taste and personality, and our diverse furniture offerings are here to help you achieve just that. From the heart of the home to the rest of your haven, we've curated a selection that combines style, functionality, and a touch of Portland flair.

Thank you for shopping with us at Kitchen Kaboodle.