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Treasure Garden

Patio Umbrella 7.5' Dia. Push Button Tilt Kiwi

$240.00 $192.00



Style : UM907-09-4811

Stay cool in the summer sun under one of our patio umbrellas from Treasure Garden. These umbrellas are superb values, made with weatherproof fabrics, heavy-gauge aluminum poles, rugged PVC frames, and zinc-plated hardware. The 7.5-ft. diameter umbrellas feature an easy-to-use crank handle to open and close the umbrella and a simple, push-button mechanism on the pole to tilt the canopy, so your shade can follow the sun. The lift cord is made of rugged Kevlar mesh. The fabrics used are all 100% solution-dyed sythetics, resistant to both moisture and sun, and are woven of polyster or acrylic fibers. They will not rot, mildew nor fade and can be cleaned in place with soap and water. Each umbrella is supported by 8 ribs, features a single wind vent for stability and stands 96" tall. An umbrella stand is essential for safe use and is sold separately. The pole features a black, powder-coat finish.