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Oxo International, Ltd.

OXO Salad & Herb Spinner Small




Style : 1045409

There's no better way to get the water off salad greens than with a Good Grips salad spinner. When you gently push on the padded, patented plunger, you set the inner basket to spinning, quickly throwing water off the greens and into the outer bowl, where it can be poured off. It's the easiest, quickest and most efficient way to dry salad greens that we've yet seen. Non-slip feet keep the Good Grips spinners in place on the counter while you push on the plunger. The plunger itself locks in the "down" position for easier storage and there's even a patented, push-button brake to stop the spinning. It's all another illustration of the thoughtful, ergonomic design that goes into all Good Grips kitchen gadgets and tools. You can choose from two sizes of Good Grips salad spinners, the larger 5-qt. size for washing lots of greens or the smaller 10-cup size, ideal for a salad for two or for rinsing and drying fresh herbs. In either case, the inner basket makes an ideal container for rinsing the greens before you start the spin cycle.