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Oxo International, Ltd.

OXO on Coffeemaker 9-Cup




Style : 8710100

Over three years in the making, the OXO on group of kitchen appliances has been painstakingly developed with the same "question everything" approach that has made OXO kitchen tools and gadgets consistently innovative. By studying people-lefties and righties, female and male, old and young-and how they interact with products, the OXO on team has come up with applicances that are simple, intuitive, innovative, and functional.

The OXO on 9-cup coffeemaker handles time and temperature so well that it has been given Gold Cup certification by the Specialty Coffee Association of America, a rating awarded to very, very few drip coffeemakers. Water is heated in the borosilicate glass reservoir until it reaches the optimal temperature for brewing coffee, between 197 - 205 degrees F, and then held there throughout the brew process.

The heated water is pumped through a silicone bridge into a unique OXO shower head that disperses water evenly over the ground coffee to ensure full extraction. A microprocessor slows down brewing for a small pot and speeds it up for a large pot, so that flavor extraction is consistent. The brewed coffee drips into a double-wall, insulated stainless-steel carafe via a mixing tube that blends the coffee as in enters. A pour-through spout lets you serve coffee with even twisting the lid on the carafe, and a brew-pause feature lets you grab a quick cup without overflowing the brew basket or dripping.

All of this is controlled with a single dial. Choose how much coffee to make, program the timer for fresh-brewed, wake-up coffee, even select a display that shows how fresh the pot you just brewed is. The OXO on 9-cup coffeemaker is 6.7" wide, 14.2" deep and stands 15.2".