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Oxo International, Ltd.

OXO 50-Blade Meat Tenderizer




Style : 1269580

OXO's meat tenderizer gives you a quick and easy way to reduce marinating time, enhance the flavor and tenderness of meat, and decrease cooking time. If you're marinating meats, the small holes created by the tenderizer's 50 sharp blades serve as pockets for flavorful juices to fully absorb. This decreases marinating time, eliminating the need for overnight marinating. Using the OXO tenderizer also helps poultry self-baste, allows meat to retain its natural juices and encourages uniform cooking. The tenderizer's handle features a contoured shape and a non-slip grip that make it comfortable to hold while stamping.The clear base lets you see the indents you've made in the meat, so you get even tenderization. OXO's meat tenderizer locks with the blades covered for safe, compact storage in your drawer, and it comes apart for easy cleaning Top-rack dishwasher safe.