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Dreamfarm Milberg Factors, Inc

Mini Supoon Yellow




Style : DFSU2799

The smaller sibling of the full-size Supoon, the Mini Supoon is a silicone teaspoon that scrapes every last bit from your jars and containers. It has a flat squeegee tip and flexible scraping sides which make it ideal for coaxing out every last little bit. And, when you put it down, its head sits up, so it's great for serving dips and tapas too. Thanks to the unique handle design which sits your spoon up and off your counter, the Miini-Supoon helps keep surfaces clean and food hygienic. Not only is it great for serving condiments and measuring a perfect teaspoon., the Mini Supoon is safe to use on non-stick cookware and is heat resistant to 500 degrees F. And of course, it's dishwasher safe, too. The Mini-Supoon is 1" wide and 8.1" long; the nylon handle has a hole in the end for hanging.