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Microplane/Grace Mfg

Microplane Zester Red




Style : 46120

By now, Microplane graters have become a staple in our kitchens. Their superior performance and ease of use have made them the grater of choice. The reason why is the array of micro-sized blades that actually shave little slices off cheese, nuts, chocolate, citrus peel...whatever you're grating. Old-fashioned graters were simply sheets of metal with holes punched in them. To grate food, you applied pressure and forced the food into the holes, grating by brute force. With Microplane graters, little pressure is required. Instead, the razor-sharp blades do the work for you, quickly and easily producing showers of grated chees, citrus zest, and shaved chocolate and nuts. You'll be amazed at the Microplane difference.

The Premium Handle zester gives you a secure grip with a comfortable, soft-touch handle. 12" long, 1.5" wide.