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Luigi Bormioli

Michaelangelo 20-oz. Beverage Glass




Style : PM784K

Michaelangelo barware is made in Italy by Luigi Bormioli and has a clarity and sparkle that sets it apart from ordinary glass. That's because it's made from an exclusive, lead-free glass formulation called SON.hyx that transmits light as clearly and fully as does pure quartz crystal. In addition, SON.hyx glass is stronger; over 100% more resistant to mechanical shock than ordinary glass, and more than one-third more resistant to chipping, thanks to the titianium in the glass formula. Not only that, SON.hyx glass shows no markings after 4,000 industrial washing cycles. Glasses made from this material may cost a little more than ordinary glasses, but they not only look better, but they will last longer, too. The Michaelangelo 20-oz. glass, great for water, iced tea or lemonade, stands 7" tall.