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Made In

Made In Stainless-Steel Frypan 8"




Style : COOK-8-FRY-ISS

Made In may seem like a new name in the world of fine cookware, but it's actually a 4th-generation family company with deep roots in the restaurant industry. With a network of over 2,000 restaurant customers, Made In cookware is designed in conjunction with chef's from around the world, and is the known as the cookware that chef's actually use, not just endorse. Cookware from Made In is made in the United States and in Europe, utilizing the best materials, techniques, traditions, and expertise of several countries. Made In cookware carries a lifetime manufacturer's warranty.


Made In stainless-steel cookware is made in Italy out of 5 layers of clad metals, featuring a pure aluminum core for rapid, uniform heat conduction. The cooking surfaces and the exterior are stainless steel, as are the proprietary, stay-cool handles. Made In stainless-steel cookware performs superbly on gas, electric, magnetic induction, and ceramic stovetops, and is oven-safe to 800° F. It's also dishwasher safe.