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Lodge Mfg.Co.

Lodge Chef Collection Wok 12"




Style : LC12W

Lodge has combined their 120-year Tennessee heritage with an updated, chef-inspired design to create the Chef Collection. Feedback from professionals led Lodge to create new ergonomic handles, with a more pronounced arch, that give you improved control and make lifting easier. In addition, the sidewalls of the pans slope gently into the bottoms, a more spatula-friendly design that helps to keep food from building up in the corners.The Chef Collection wok has a capacity of 3.75 qt.

Lodge Chef Collection cast iron cookware is ready to use the moment you bring it home. Each piece of the Chef Collection is electostatically sprayed with a proprietary vegetable oil. The cookware is then placed into a hot gas oven, baking the oil into the pan and seasoning it. Of course, Chef Collection pans still need to be treated like the cast iron they are. That means that you'll still need to oil a pan before you cook on it. You won't need to use soap to clean it, just a bit of hot water and a stiff brush will do the trick. You'll want to dry your pan immediately so that it doesn't rust. But with the proper care, your Lodge Chef Collection cookware will be around for generations to come.