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Le Creuset Of America Inc

Le Creuset Stainless Non-Stick Skillet 12"




Style : 54135030001001

Le Creuset brings to stainless steel cookware the same passion for cooking, performance and design that has made Le Creuset cast-iron a favorite for decades. An exclusive alloy, which includes titanium, plus a mirror-polish finish, give Le Creuset stainless cookware a unique appearance, brighter, lighter and more reflective than any other. Le Creuset's alloy, with brushed cooking surfaces, is sandwiched around a thick layer of aluminum. This tri-ply construction, over the entire pan, not just the bottom, ensures rapid, uniform heat conduction on any type of burner, including magnetic induction. It also is exceptionally resistant over time to pitting, scorching and clouding, giving the pans a light-catching luster that creates beautiful reflections when used with Le Creuset enameled cast-iron. You could say European-made Le Creuset is the most colorful stainless steel cookware ever.

The tight-fitting lids feature Le Creuset's iconic three-ring design and large stainless steel knobs. The lids feature a tight fit for efficient cooking, flat rims for stability, and steam vents in the rims to prevent annoying rattling. The ergonomic handles stay cool to the touch - no hot pads! - and are attached to the pan bodies with stainless steel rivets. The length and angle of the handles are been carefully considered to make the pans easy to maneuver on the stove. The edges of the pans are rolled to seal the core construction and are shaped so that you can pour with precision and without drips. A nice touch is the addition of laser-etched capacity markings on the insides of the pans. Le Creuset stainless steel cookware carries a lifetime warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.