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Le Creuset Of America Inc

Le Creuset Activ-Ball Cork Puller Black




Style : GS200L-31

A surefire way to flawlessly remove a cork, the Activ-Balll cork puller empowers even the most cork-averse person. Holding the Active-Ball in place on top of a bottle, you turn the large handle at the top, driving the non-stick screw down into the cork. As you turn, the screw bottoms out, then reverses itself, while you simply keep turning the handle the same way.This neatly pulls the cork out of the bottle. Then, hold the Activ-Ball in one hand, and continue to turn the handle, and you'lll push the cork off the screw. It's simple, easy, and foolproof. Plus, it takes only seconds to accomplish. With the Activ-Ball, you get Le Creuset's foil cutter, which employes four stainless-steel cutting wheels. Place the foil cutter on top of a bottle, squeeze lightly and rotate your wrist. You'll cut off a neat and tidy foil cap; no muss, no fuss.