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Lafuma America Inc

Lafuma Anytime Folding Table 31" x 55"

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Style : LFM2716-8232

The 31" x 55" Anytime table folds up to measure 55" wide 42" high and less than 7.5" thick, making it easy to store. Lafuma's Anytime tables are unique in a couple of ways. The powder-coated, galvanized steel legs support the tables without the use of intrusive crossbars. That means you can sit comfortably on any side of an Anytime table without a bar in your way. Plus, the legs have a patented folding mechanism that allows the tables to stand up by themselves in the fully folded position; no need to lean them on something. Anytime table tops are made of HPL (high pressure laminate) a material used in commercial countertops and flooring. HPL is waterproof, stainproof, heat-resistant to 365 degrees F, UV-resistant, and highly scratch and dent resistant. It won't warp and is safe in any weather. HPL is sturdy, durable stuff.


Lafuma is a French company with 60-plus years experience in highly-technical equipment for outdoors adventure, everything from backpacks and sleeping bags to clothing and shoes.For the last two decades they've translated that experience into outdoor furniture with the same virtues; advanced design, high-performance materials, light weight, and tremendous durability.