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Kyocera International, Inc

Kyocera Ceramic Wide Adjustable Mandoline




Style : CSN-402BK

Kyocera's wide mandoline slicer features a razor-sharp ceramic blade that measures 4.5" wide, making slicing even more efficient. Choose between 4 thickness settings, from 0.5mm to 3mm, by simpy turning a dial on the underside. The plastic carriage securely grips the food and keeps hands safely away from the blade. Kyocera's peelers, slicers and knives all feature the finest, highest-technology ceramic blades available. These unrelenting blades are a full 50% harder than steel and are made of the same chemically-stable, lightweight, rust-proof, non-corrosive material found in space shuttle components and Formula One racecars. Kyocera's razor-sharp, ceramic blades will stay sharper 10 times longer than a steel blade and are impervious to stains, acids, oils and salts. Despite this strength, Kyocera ceramic blades are half the weight of steel.