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Kettler International Inc

Kettler 28" Round Table

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Style : T2504-0200

Kettler metal outdoor furniture is made to the highest possible standards using the most sophisticated manufacturing processes. Each piece of Kettler garden furniture is formed of high-quality steel, before being given Kettler's high-tech ElectroTherm coating that makes every surface impervious to the weather. Kettler outdoor tables and chairs are so durable they're used worldwide in cafes and restaurants..

Kettler's electrically-bonded, powdered coating is a combination of paint pigment, aluminium granules and resin particles, baked on, to create a coating for the steel that is four times thicker than conventional powder coatings and seven times thicker than paint. This unique Kettler coating completely encapsulates and seals the metal from the elements, which enables Kettler to guarantee Kettler metal garden furniture against rust for a full five years. This exceptional corrosion barrier seals and protects the steel furniture, even the edges, and even in coastal areas. Not only that, it keeps the furniture 25% cooler to the touch after long exposure to the sun, compared to conventional finishes, a very nice feature when the summer sun is shining bright.