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HiTeak Curtis Dining Table

$1,022.00 $766.50



Style : HLT1888

This classic dining table is made of solid premium teak and features an umbrella hole in the center. It measures 35.5" in diameter and 29.5" high.

Teak is an extremely dense tropical timber with unique properties. It has naturally high levels of oil and silica, locked into the tight grain of the wood. When dried to the proper moisture level, teak maintains its structural integrity, and resists deterioration caused by weather conditions of any kind, or other enemies like mold and insects. New teak has a natural golden honey color; left untreated outdoors, exposed to sunlight, air and moisture, the honey color will soften to a light grey, and after several years, to a silvery patina.

Not all teak is alike. HiTeak timber has been carefully sourced only from responsibly-harvested, plantation grown trees; they look for trees over 30 years old and cut the components from the heart of the tree, which makes HiTeak furniture free from knots. The teak lumber is carefully kiln dried to less than 10% moisture content. This eliminates shrinkage that might affect the structural integrity of the furniture. Traditional joinery is used, including dowels and mortise and tenon joints. All HiTeak hardware is marine grade, 304 stainless steel, and all HiTeak furniture has been hand sanded on all sides.

To care for your teak furniture, all that's needed is occasional cleaning with mild soapy water and a soft brush to remove dirt and surface stains. It can even be left with no maintenance at all.