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Hestan ProBond 10-pc. Set.

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With our 40-plus years of experience with fine cookware, it's not often we get excited by a new line of pots and pans. ProBond from Hestan has changed that. This extraordinary cookware was developed in consulation with professional chefs to deliver top-notch performance, along with exceptional quality and appearance. ProBond cookware features a lifetime warranty and a host of features.

* Cold-forged pan bodies, made in Italy.
* 3-layer bonded construction, with pure alumimun in the center for rapid, uniform heat conducton.
* Revolutionary design with thicker bottoms for better heat conduction, thinner sides to reduce weight, and thicker
rims for enhanced durability.
* The design of the skillet sidewalls provides 20% greater cooking surface compared to most skillets. * Optimized for induction stovetops with polished, 18/10 stainless-steel cooking surfaces and pan exteriors.
* Completely sealed rims for dripless pouring.
* Flush handle rivets to minimize food build-up and ensure thorough cleaning.
* Ergonomic, stainless-steel handles to minimize heat transfer and provide proper balance and easy handling.
* The lids in the set fit all the included pans. Large, loop lid handles allow easy lifting with hot pads or mitts. * Oven safe to 600 degrees F.
* Completely dishwasher safe.

The ProBond 10-pc. set includes 8.5" and 11" skillets, 1.5-qt. and 3- qt. saucepans with lids, a 3-qt. saute pan with lid, and an 8-qt stockpot with lid. The lids will also fit both skillets.