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Zwilling Ja Henckels Llc

Henckels Zwilling Pro Utility Knife 6"

$109.95 $74.95



Style : 38400-163

Henckels Zwilling Pro knives combine Henckels' unique demi-bolster with a classic, riveted handle. The innovative demi-bolster is scalloped and rounded, so that with the proper grip, your thumb and forefinger nestle comfortably in the hollow of the cut-away bolster for the ultimate in both control and comfort. Compared to other knives with square-cut bolsters, the comfort level is incredible. In addition, the bolster tapers away before it meets the bottom of the blade, so that the entire blade is a cutting edge, from tiip to heel. This design also alllows the full length of the blade to be steeled and sharpened without the bolster getting in the way. This unique demi-bolster is exclusive to Henckels and we can attest that it really makes a difference. Every hand is different, and knives are a very personal choice, but you owe it to yourself to put a Zwilling Pro knife in your hand to see how it feels to you.

Of course, there's a lot more to Zwilling Pro cutlery than the handle and the bolster. Each Zwilling Pro knife is forged in Germany from a single piece of Henckels exclusive, ice-hardened, high-carbon, stainless steel alloy, a blend of metals carefully formulated to achieve an optimal blend of cutting properties, corrosion resistance and flexibility. Henckels' ability to forge Zwilling Pro knives with a high degree of precision ensures that each knife maintains its desired geometry, taking and holding an extremely sharp, true edge. You'll notice that Zwilling Pro knives are sharper out of the box than Henckels knives of the past, reflecting a blade angle that nods in the direction of Japanese cutlery, while still providing the stability and support needed for long life.