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Gurgle Pot

Gurgle Pot Pitcher Coral




Style : CORAL

Gurglepots are at Kaboodle, ready to add their audible charm to your table. What's a Gurglepot, you say? Let the Gurglepot's creator tell the story...

Years ago, I attended my brother's wedding in a small town in Southern France. Since there were no hotels in town, all guests were matched with French hosts. My hosts spoke no English and I spoke no French, which made the dinner conversation a challenge. Long stretches of awkward silences were compounded by the fact that French dinners can last for 3-4 hours. There was, however, one saving grace...a fish-shaped water pitcher that "gurgled". I found myself drinking more water than wine, so that I could fill the silent room with "gurgling" and unite the table with smiles. Inspired by the lighthearted effect of the "gurgling", I returned home and began sculpting my own version. Ten years, two kids, 15 molds, and one typhoon off the coast of China later, I can finally share the Gurglepot with you. I'm confident it will create similar smiles around your dining table in the years to come.

Each Gurglepot stands 9.5" high, holds 42 ozs. and is made of durable, dishwasher-safe stoneware. Use as a pitcher and the Gurglepot gurgles with or without ice. A Gurglepot also makes a wonderful vase for fresh flowers.