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Get It Right!/ Pattern Brands

Get It Right! Ladle Skinny Red




Style : GIRLAS303RED

The Get It Right! Skinny Ladle features a flexible, squeezable bowl that reaches into the edges of any pot or container. It's a measuring ladle, too, with a bowl that holds up to 4 tbsps. embossed with imperial and metric measuring marks. The precision-pouring edge will not spill a drop, and the handle is set at the ideal angle for ergonomic use. 10.5" long, 2.6" diameter bowl. As you can tell from their name, Get It Right! means business. Their goal was to revolutionize the spatula - to get it right - with carefully chosen materials, and an uncompromising focus on quality. Get It Right! utensils are made from pharmaceutical-grade silicone that's heat-proof to 464 degrees F and heat-resistant to 550 degrees F. But, inside the soft and flexible silicone is a polymer core that provides strength, stiffness and heft The polymer material features low heat retention (unlike metal), so Get It Right! utensils tend to stay cool to the touch. Of course, they're safe in the dishwasher.This unique combination of materials ensures that Get It Right! utensils - unlike those made of metal, wood, or plastic - will not melt, splinter, warp, get too hot to touch, show burn marks, come apart, or trap food or germs. They're not inexpensive, but Get It Right! utensils are worth the price, and they carry a lifetime guarantee against defects.