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Gat Creek/Caperton Furniture

CLOSEOUTGat Creek Marshall Dining Chair

$831.00 $299.00



Style : 81278-SCHY

We are very pleased to offer American-made dining furniture from Gat Creek. Gat Creek is a family-owned business in West Virginia, committed to excellence in woodworking; each piece of Gat Creek furniture is bench-made and proudly signed by a single craftsman. There are no assembly lines and no mass production; each piece is built to order. You can order any piece of Gat Creek furniture in solid American cherry, with many styles also available in solid northern hard-rock maple, or solid ash. In addition, you can specify your choice from among a wide variety of stains and paint finishes, so your furniture is made exactly to your specifications.

The Gat Creek furniture you see on our site is just a small part of what Gat Creek does; go to the Gat Creek website to see all the beautiful furniture they make. Or, stop by any of our stores to get the full story, and see Gat Creek creations in person.

95% of the materials that go into Gat Creek furniture come from within a 350-mile radius of the factory. Gat Creek has won numerous design and environmental awards, and works exclusively with domestic hardwoods that are harvested from the Appalachian forests by suppliers that meet strict state and national standards for land and timber management. Gat Creek works vigilantly to reduce energy usage and they formally track 100% of their waste streams, monitoring everything coming into and going out of the factory, from wood to water to AA batteries, to assure all materials are used wisely and disposed of properly. These efforts have allowed Gat Creek to reduce emissions of hazardous air pollutants by 90+% and overall VOC emissions by 40+% to date.