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Joseph Joseph Ltd.C/O Conmar

Flip-Up Drain Board




Style : 85139

Several useful innovations are incorporated in the Flip-Up drain board. If you need to dry plates, just flip up the folding plate racks. They lock into place for stability and hold up to 6 plates. With the plate racks folded down, you have lots of space for bowls, mugs, glasses, and jars; the ribbed surface ensures they drain completely. In the center of the Flip-Up is a sloped channel that drains water from each side of the board right into your sink. Finally, the Flip-Up drain boards folds in half for easy storage. Non-slip feet keep the Flip-Up in place, even on wet counters. Full size, the Flip-Up drain board measures 15.75" x 15.5" x 1" high.