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Lodge Mfg.Co.

Finex Cast-Iron Skillet 8"




Style : S8-10001

Finex cast-iron cookware got its start right here in Portland, pioneering a movement that elevated cast-iron cookware to an art form. Each piece features a velvety-smooth, ultra-polished cooking surface that has been hand-seasoned with organic flax seed oil, so it's ready to cook when you take it home. The octagonal shape allows you to pour neatly from Finex pans from almost any angle, and the stainless-steel spring around the handle not only makes the heavy pan more comfortable to hold, it stays cooler than the cast iron. Opposite the long handle on each pan is a ribbed helper handle that makes it easier and safer to handle the hot pan when it's full of food. Finex pans are completely safe on any type of stovetop and in the oven, even on the grill, if you don't mind them getting smoke-blackened. To clean them, just use a stiff brush under hot running water and wipe dry to prevent corrosion. Frequent applications of a small amount of vegetable oil, both inside and out, will keep everything shiny and new.