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Fina Mill Co.

FinaMill Electric Pepper/Salt Mill Sangria




Style : GP180134-12SAN

Developed right here in Beaverton, Oregon, the FInaMill is an award-winning, battery-powered mill with a unique design. The FinaMill employs interchangable grinding pods - two come with each mill - that let you switch between grinding pepper and grinding salt in seconds, with just one hand. Each pod employs a corrosion-proof ceramic grinding mechanism that is easily bottom-adjustable to your choice of grind size. To switch pods, simply push down on the FInaMill until you hear a click, then lift up on the body to release the pod. Set the body on the other pod and push down until you hear another click and you're good to go! It's simple, foolproof, takes just seconds, and it's all done with one hand. The pods themselves come apart for easy cleaning. And, if there are seasonsings you use a lot, why not have them ready to grind in their own FinaPods?

The FinaMill is powered by three AA batteries and features a 2-year warranty. Grinding is accomplished by pushing on the large button at the top of the mill. The FinaMill can also be used for grinding dried chopped garlic or onions, dried rosemary, and other dried herbs, as well as for grinding seeds. It's not intended for use with fresh herbs. 14" tall, 4" in diameter.