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Kuhn Rikon Corporation

Fin Stay-Clean Silicone Scrubber Pink




Style : 21119

You get three scrubbers in one with the Fin Stay-Clean scrubber. On one side are more than 1,500 silicone bristles that gently clean glass, fine china and smooth counter tops. On the other side are wavy silicone ribs for tougher scrubbing jobs, plus there's a hard nylon tip for cooked-on crud and for reaching into tight corners. The Fin Stay-Clean scrubber is made of soft, flexible silicone, so it dries quickly and does not absorb odors or bacteria, like ordinary sponges. It's BPA free and simply goes in the dishwasher for clean up. It's also handy for removing pet hair from fabric, and even from pets themselves. 5" long.