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Fellow Industries Inc.

Fellow Corvo Electric Kettle Black




Style : 1171

The Corvo electric kettle, compared to Fellow's Stagg kettle, features a large pour spout, making it the perfect electric kettle for making tea, hot chocolate or French press coffee. The .9-qt. steel kettle sits on a power base that features a 1200-watt heating element for super-quick water heating. All you do is choose your water temperature from 135 to 212 degrees F. with the rotary knob on the base and let the kettle do the rest. The Corvo kettle will even hold your desired water temperature for up to an hour, and there's a brew stopwatch in the base, so you can achieve the perfect steep or brew. Of course, the Corvo kettle shuts itself off for safety once the water boils. The display reads in your choice of Fahrenheit or Centigrade. 2-year manufacturer's warranty.