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Dual-Sensor Food/Oven Thermometer-Timer




Style : DSP1

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The new Dual-Sensor timer/thermometer from Portland's own CDN is supremely versatile. It simultaneously senses and displays both the ambient temperature of your oven, and the internal temperature of the food you're cooking in your oven. Plus, it has a digital timer that lets you know when your food is cooked to perfection, as determined by the internal temperature.

A stainless-steel probe attaches to the digital display unit via a high-heat cable. The display unit stays out, so it's always easy to read. The probe contains sensors for both internal food temperature and ambient oven temperature. Simply insert the probe in your roast, chicken, turkey or whatever you're cooking and you can see a constant readout of both oven temperature and internal food temperature. When the internal food temperature reaches you're pre-programmed goal, a timer sounds to let you know the food is done. Separate, distinct alerts clue you in to oven and internal temperature.

The Dual Sensor thermometer-timer display unit is made of rugged, food-safe ABS plastic, and measures just under 2" square. It stands up on the oven or counter, and features a magnet, so it can attach to your grill to monitor outdoor cooking. The temperature range is from 32 to 572 degrees Fahrenheit; the timer counts either up or down up to 10 hours in hours, minutes and seconds. The single AAA battery is included.