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Drinkmate Omnifizz Sparkling Beverage Maker

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Style : 410-01-00

As its name implies, the Omnifizz from Drinkmate can carbonate just about any cold beverage - not just water, but juice, wine, iced tea, cocktails, even flat soda and beer sparkle right up - safely, easily, and neatly - with the Omnifizz, . So, if you crave carbonation, in your water and in other beverages, the Omnifizz is the carbonator for you. It's a good choice; the Wirecutter at the New York Times named the Omnifizz as the best carbonator on the market.

How can the Omnifizz do all that only it can do? The secret is the patented Fizz Infuser. The Fizz Infuser is placed directly on the bottle, so the OmniFizz itself never comes into contact with liquid. Other carbonators connect the bottle directly to the machine, which can create a mess that's impossible to clean. The Fizz Infuser has a two-stage pressure valve, so pressure release can be easily controlled for a slow release to prevent any mess with heavily foaming drinks.

The Omnifizz not only carbonates most anything, it also uses just about any standard 60-liter threaded CO2 cylinder, including the original-style cylinder from Sodastream (not the Sodastream quick-connect cylinders) And, of course the Omnifizz requires no electricity or batteries; power comes from the CO2 itself. The Omnifizz comes with a 1-liter BPA-free plastic carbonating bottle, that features a quick connection, no threading the bottle on to the machine; and the patented Fizz Infuser. The compact Omnifizz measures 5" wide, 8" deep and 16" high.

Kaboodle is always stocked with Sodastream CO2 cylinders which are only $19.99 when you bring in an empty cylinder to exchange. Sorry, but due to shipping restrictions on compressed gases, we cannot ship the cylinders. The Omnifizz bottles should be hand-washed as they are not made to withstand the high temperatures of dishwashers.