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Norpro Nordic Products

Deluxe Cherry Pitter




Style : 5121

If you're baking, canning, freezing, or dehydrating cherries, you really need more than a little, hand-held cherry pitter. The Deluxe cherry pitter from NorPro lets you pit cherries in volume, saving a ton of time and effort. Cherries go in the hopper and roll down one at a time into the pitting chamber. Then, for each cherry, you just push down on the spring-loaded plunger; when you do, the pit pops out into the collecting box and the cherry rolls out the other side, minus its pit. It's fast, neat and turns out pitted cherries without bruising or crushing, and without cramping hands and splattered cherry juice. A powerful suction clamp anchors the pitter firmly to any smooth surface, so you don't have to hold it in place. The Deluxe cherry easily comes apart for cleaning and compact storage. Hand washing recommended. 8.75" tall.