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Cuisinart Electric Popcorn Popper Red




Style : CPM-700

Cuisinart puts the crunch back into homemade popcorn with the EasyPop electric popper. A removable, non-stick popping plate pops up to 16 cups of popcorn in under 5 minutes, a motorzied stirring mechanism prevents burning, and vents in the popping bowl let moisture escape to keep popped kernels light and crisp.

Just place up to 1/2-cup of kernels and a single tablespoon of oil on the popping plate; the EasyPop does the rest. When popping is done, just flip the popper over and serve in the popping bowl. The popping plate, the popping bowl and the bowl cover are all easily removeable and dishwasher safe, so you can enjoy any kind of popcorn, plain, buttered, cheese, or caramel, any time with easy cleanup. The base is brushed stainless steel and it's all backed up by a limited 3-year warranty.