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Cuisinart Double Burner Induction Cooktop




Style : ICT-60PI

Great for entertaining, cooking for a crowd, or anytime you need extra burners, Cuisinart's double burner induction cooktop is safe, exhaust-less, and flame-free. In fact, the burners stay cool to the touch and automatically shut off 30 seconds after a pan is lifted off. On top of that, the magnetic-induction technology uses 70% less energy than a conventional cooktop and heats up pans faster than any other type of burner. It's hard to go wrong. The left burner on the Cuisinart induction cooktop features 8 heat settings, the right burner has 5; both are equipped with 150-minute timers. The controls are simple buttons with a bright LED display to show the heat settings. Induction technology works only with pans that are induction-ready. That generally means any stainless steel or cast-iron pans, or any pans containing those metals, such as multi-layer clad cookware. 23.5" wide, 14.25" deep, 2.5" high.