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Norpro Nordic Products

Citrus Squeezer Small Lime




Style : 525

This colorful, hand-held juicer is extremely efficient tools for getting all the juice out of citrus fruit. Developed and used for years in Mexico, citrus squeezers remove every last drop of fresh juice from citrus fruit, without disturbing the bitter inner lining of the peel. In addition, the small holes in the bottom trap most of the pulp and seeds, giving you fresh, pure juice. The little secret is that when the fruit goes in the squeezer, it goes in cut side down. That may seem counter-intuitive from looking at the squeezer, but it's what makes these tools work so well. Just slice your citrus fruit in half, put the cut side down in the squeezer, then squeeze the handles. The domed shape of the squeezer's basket turns the halved fruit inside-out, thoroughly extracting all the juice.