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Chantal Cookware Corp

Chantal Induction 21 Skillet 10"




Style : SLIN63-24

We don't know of any cookware that offers as much performance for the dollar as Chantal's Induction 21. It's really impressive stuff and impressively moderate prices. Induction 21 pans are made from a unique Japanese stainless-steel alloy that's nickel-free (good news for those with nickel allergies). This alloy contains copper for uniform heat conduction, titanium for rapid response to changes in burner settings, and chromium to prevent corrosion. And, as you can tell from the name, Chantal's cookware is ideal for use on magnetic induction stovetops, as well as on gas or electric burners. The bottoms of Induction 21 pans feature a thick, sealed, perfectly-flat sandwich of stainless steel and aluminum to maximize rapid and uniform heat distribution.

The cast stainless-steel handles on Induction 21 pans are carefully shaped; they're fat and rounded, long, and arched, for safe, secure and comfortable handling. On most stovetops, the handles will even stay cool to the touch. You can pour neatly from Induction 21 pans, as the rims are shaped to eliminate drips. The glass lids let you see what's cooking and are tempered for protection against both thermal and physical shock. Induction 21 nonstick pans feature a super-slippery ceramic nonstick surface that will let you brown food nicely, while at the same time letting you cook without any added fat. Hand washing is recommended for Induction 21 nonstick pans, the all-stainless pieces go right in the dishwasher for cleanup. Induction 21 cookware carries a lifetime limited warranty, except for the nonstick skillets which feature a 2-year limited warranty.