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Cangshan Dual-Sided Whetstone




Style : 503800

With 2 grits, 1000 coarse and 6000 fine, this whetstone is what professional chefs choose as their best and most precise sharpening tool. Each side is made of aluminum oxide along with sharpening compounds of different grits. The base is made of acacia wood. The included angle guide shown in the pictures ensures the proper 16° angle for sharpeniing Asian knives. Lifetime manufacturer's warranty against defects.

Never used a whetstone before? Here's how:

  1. SOAK: Submerge the stone in water for 10-15 minutes.
  2. SETUP: Place the whetstone on the wood base, coarse side up, with the short edge of the stone facing you. A damp cloth or paper towel under the base will help hold it in place if needed.
  3. POSITION: Hold the knife at a 16-degree angle to the stone. Face knife away from you.
  4. SHARPEN: From the blade's heel, sweep the knife lengthwise across the stone. Repeat on the other side.
  5. HONE: Flip the whetstone with the fine side up and repeat the previous steps.
  6. CLEAN: Rinse knife and whetstone, ensuring both are dry before storing.