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Cangshan Adjustable Knife Sharpener




Style : 1026108

Almost a year-and-a-half in development, this outstanding sharpener will put a razor sharp edge on both European and Asian knives, as well on shears and scissors. It features a built-in angle adjustment from 14 to 24 degrees, providing the correct blade angle to maintain the cutting edges of both Europea and Asian knives, as well as a unique ceramic sharpening slot designed to sharpen 2-piece kitchen shears. The Cangshan sharpener offers two stages of sharpening for each knife style: a coarse, ultra-hard, Tungsten carbide sharpener for restoring edges to dull blades and a finely grained ceramic slot for honing and finishing edges (also useful for quick touch-ups). The handle-shaped grip helps keep fingers safe, and a nonslip rubberized base provides stability on your work surface. The only knives it can't sharpen are serrated knives and single-edge blades. The Cangshan knive sharpener measures 10.6" long and 3" high.