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Breville Hwi Usa

Breville Milk Cafe Frother




Style : BMF600XL

Breville has upped the ante in the milk frother competition. The stainless-steel Milk Cafe offers four temperature settings, Cold Froth (no heat), Warm (approx. 120F), Optimum Milk Temperature (approx. 140 F), and Hot (approx. 160 F), so different tastes can be accommodated. The stainless-steel milk container on top is heated by magnetic induction from the base, so the milk container simply detaches and goes in the dishwasher for clean up. You can choose from two frothing disks, the Latte disk for rich, creamy, tiny-bubble milk, and the Cappuccino disk that creates more froth. You simply choose your disk, add milk, select your desired temperature, and press the start button. The Milk Cafe spins the frothing disk for aeration and applies heat via magnetic induction. When your desired temperature is reached, the Milk Cafe shuts off automatically.

The Milk Cafe has the capacity to heat and froth milk for up to three lattes at a time, with measuring marks on the inside of the milk container. The cap to the container has measuring marks, so you can add cocoa or syrup once the frothing has started. Safety features includes boil dry and overheat protection and an automatic switch to standy mode after 30 seconds of inactivity. The base features on-board disk storage and a cord wrap to keep the counter less cluttered. 1-year warranty.