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Breville Hwi Usa

Breville Immersion Blender Stainless-Steel




Style : BSB510XL

We continue to be impressed with Breville appliances. Each one has a significant performance advantage to go along with the bulletproof quality and durability. They're not inexpensive, but we think they're worth every penny.

With its immersion blenders, Breville has overcome two problems that plague other immersion blenders - they're not very comfortable to use and they suffer from escessive suction. The Breville blender has an unusual-looking, trigger-grip handle that puts your hand in a natural position when you're using it. At the other end, a distinctive bell-shaped base, combined with internal ribbing, prevents the suction that pulls most immersion blenders down to the bottom of the pot or pan. The combination of the ergonomic handle and the lack of suction gives you an unequalled degree of control over blending, reducing fatigue and splattering while increading efficiency.

The Breville immersion blender features 15 speeds, sufficient for everything from crushing ice to whipping cream, and it can be immersed in liquids up to 8" deep. It includes a 3-cup chopping bowl with stainless blades, a 42-oz. blending jug with a non-sllip base, and a stainless whip attachment. Like all Breville appliances, the immersion blender carries a one-year replacement warranty.