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Totally Bamboo

Bamboo Cutting Boards Set/3




Style : 20-7920

Hard, durable, beautiful bamboo boards in a most useful sets. The set of two includes an 8" x 11" board and a 9.5" x 11". The set of three gives you one each 9" x 6", 12" x 8.75" and 15" x 12".These new Greenlite bamboo boards from Totally Bamboo are unique in materials, construction and convenience. Designed with earth-friendly living in mind, the GreenLite series is crafted from organically cultivated bamboo and is free from formaldehyde based adhesives, dyes, or stains.

The innovative Greenlite construction employs three layers of bamboo, bonded with a proprietary food-grade adhesive. This means Greenlite bamboo boards are completely diswasher safe (an occasional bamboo oil treatment recommended), a mere 3/8" thick, ultra-lightweight, and easy to handle.