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Norpro Nordic Products

Applemaster Peeler/Slicer/Corer "C" Clamp




Style : 865-R

If you bake apple pies or any other apple dessert, you'll love the Apple-Master. With it you can quickly and easily peel, core and slice apples, turning a tedious, aching-hand chore into a relatively quick and painless process. Simply anchor the Apple-Master in place on your counter with either the vacuum clamp or the "C" clamp, depending on the model. Then position an apple on the worm. Adjust the peeling and slicing blades, turn the crank and the apple is cored, peeled and sliced. Your apple slices will be of uniform thickness, essential for the best results when baking or dehydrating. The Apple-Master lets you just core and slice if you want to leave the peel on; you can also use it strictly as a peeler and it works well on potatoes and pears, too.